What We Do

What We Do, and Don’t Do

We don’t do "Quakey-Shakey" vans, we don’t slap plastic buckles everywhere, we don’t waste money on fancy retail packaging, we just manufacture real engineering-supported fastening solutions and provide professional installation with your safety and operational continuity always in mind.

We have been the leading manufacturer of seismic mitigation products for critical work environments for over 25 years. Our product innovations such as ISO-Base™ and SeismaFlex™ are award winning solutions that are being sold in over 30 seismically active countries, on five continents, throughout the world. Our products have been extensively tested on University and Engineering Research Facility Shake Tables.

Our design approach has always been about doing it the right way the first time. We won't just slap plastic buckles on things and tell you it’s safe. We will evaluate the environment, the equipment, and the productivity of the worker, then develop the correct method. Most of the fastening methods being deployed in critical work environments today were invented here and have become standards of the industry.

WorkSafe Technologies was the first to use Stainless Steel bracketing and Bio-Coated strapping materials in clinical lab environments, because of the caustic and corrosive chemicals used in their sterilization and cleaning process. We do sell plastic buckles, but only where they make sense, and we were the first to introduce the LabTrac™ System which keeps countertop surfaces free and clear of adhesive connections allowing proper cleaning, and insuring items stay secured.